I’ve never been one to walk much. I’ve just never found a reason for it. I don’t like walking as exercise since I find it a little yawn-inducing, and forget the treadmill; that’s just a form of torture. As far as walking as a means to get to a destination, there’s always been either public transportation and/or a car.

That has changed somewhat lately. With so many things going on, my mind is often a jumble of thoughts. Not knowing what else to do and needing a different environment, I’ve gone for walks. Actually, walks is the wrong word, I go for strolls.

I stroll without purpose, save for bringing myself back to the present moment. I feel the heat, breeze or wind on my face and I take notice of everything around me. The people, nature, buildings, cars, it’s all part of what’s around me that on a normal day I may not notice unless I bumped into it.

I highly recommend taking a Sunday kinda stroll once a week. It doesn’t have to be on a Sunday, just walk without purpose, pay attention to what’s around you and discover the world again. I bet you’ll see something new each time.

Strolling is how I discovered that I prefer walking across the park, instead of around it, just to hear the crunch of the leaves with each step I take.

Strolling is how I discovered the magnificent array of colors in the foliage of this block on my street.

Strolling is how I recover my inner peace.


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