I’ve been grumpy, cranky, moody, you name it, lately—if it’s negative, I’ve felt it.  I hate feeling like this because it magnifies the smallest thing until I can’t see past it, and then I become obsessed with its details, accomplishing nothing towards the really important things that need my attention.

I don’t know what inspired this sudden thought last night, but out of nowhere I imagined myself on a road trip.  My exact thought at that moment was, “Aaww, I love road trips” and I felt my shoulders loosen up a bit and I felt more relaxed than I had in days.  So I thought,maybe it’s time to do one of those list posts; this one about things I love.

Yes, it is definitely time as I sit and smile just thinking about these things…

I love roadtrips; whether I’m by myself—something I’ve done a few times—or with a group of people. I prefer to be the driver, but have no problem being the passenger to someone who just has to drive. I love putting together a great road trip song list on the ol’ iPod or going even more old school with a bunch of CDs. Road trips are all about getting away from it all, relaxing, and singing at the top of my lungs while playing Frogger with the other cars on the highway. It’s about stops at gas stations in little towns, some with fun names like the Kum n Go in Iowa (yes, I realize what that says about my sense of humor); the best name I’ve found thus far.

I love being withmy nieces and nephews.  Every single onethem: From deep philosophical conversations with my 24 yo nephew, talking aboutguys with my 22 yo niece to the silly games the younger ones make me play.  Being with them, seeing them happy andsmiling makes me feel like all is okay with the world.  As long as they can smile, I can smile.

I love fuzzy warmslippers in the winter and flip-flops all summer.  Don’t get me wrong, I love sporting a greatpair of stilettos when I’m out and about, but nothing beats slummin’ it inslippers or flip-flops.   They are allabout simplicity and comfort and sometimes, when life gets complicated, youjust need something, any little thing—even footwear—to remind you to slow downand take it easy.

I love any extreme weather condition.  Maybe it’s the child in me that looked forward to snow days because they meant that we could spend the entire day playing in brand new snow.  But whether it’s pouring rain, the wind shaking trees,  or a blizzard, I want to be immersed in it and if I can’tbe, then I want to sit at the window and watch it happen.  The forces of nature fascinate me to no end.

I love ice coldbeer; preferably Corona with lime and salt. The first sip of an ice cold beer is the first indication that a goodtime is going to be had.  I’ve never been disappointed by using this as a predictor. Warm beer on the other hand, blech!

I love unplanned fun. The nights, days, whenever, that don’t require invitations or months, weeks or days of planning, always turn out to be the most fun.  The times when one or two people say, “hey, we’ll be over here” and everyone else just shows up, are void ofexpectations.  The lack of expectationsallows people to just be and just do and that leaves room for impromptu smiles and laughter.

There are many more things that I love, but I’ll save them for the next time I’m a little cranky.


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