Time passes as the rusting armor encasing me, protecting my wounded heart, shields us from storms. Its lock impenetrable.


You, a surprise.

Your words earn the key.

Your smile turns the lock.

Your love is a light that cloaks me in warmth.

But in time your light begins to blind me.

The temperature rises until I am burning.

I push you away, cowering back into the armor that also locks me away from the sunshine.

Confined in solitary safety.


2 thoughts on “Confined: solitary safety

  1. Wow this is me to the T. I had my heart broken once don’t think I will ever fully give it again. The only question is, if can one really love another without giving your entire heart? And will that person realize it.

    Anyway thanks for sharing your writing with us. And your pride in being latina.

    1. Thank you so much for reading. Your comment made me take another look at make a change on it. it’s a catch 22, you can’t fall in love w/out fulling giving your heart but if you don’t then you get stuck in a facade of safety. Better to risk, regardless of the temptation to retreat. 🙂

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