I popped in the 8-track (did I really say 8-track?),  held a hairbrush up to my mouth, and lost myself in dreams of being a member of La Pandilla. Singing was the only means of expression that didn’t cause anxiety in the shy little girl that I was. I was five and it’s a memory that returns as I sit trying to write.

My mind makes a turn and gets lost in the wrong direction. I am learning to let it go for awhile, enjoy the view, and then make my way back to the right path.  Today I started singing a song that pops in my mind at random moments, El Alacran by a ’70s kids group called La Pandilla, kids you’d see on the Disney channel had it existed back then.

I don’t know why, but their songs always makes me smile bringing with them a general feeling of pure, unadulterated innocence.


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