Last December, during my former work place’s white elephant gift exchange and in what I considered an ironic moment, I chose a wrapped gift that turned out to be two books: Twilight and New Moon. Now, because I actually know the meaning of irony, I realize that the event was in fact not ironic, but only a coincidence. But damn it, it sure felt ironic.

Anyway, it’s about six months later and I’m cleaning and getting rid of crap I don’t need and want, and there they were occupying space on my shelf, so I’ve decided to give them away.

So if you’ve been meaning to read them or want to read them again but loaned out your own copy, you’re welcome to them. The person to leave the funniest reason as to why I should keep and read them (will NEVER happen) in the comment section will win. And I promise that I won’t look at you like this:


My initial reaction at the irony, I mean coincidence.



9 thoughts on “If you can tell me why I should read “Twilight” or the correct use of “irony” [giveaway]

  1. Because you’ve always wanted to relive the feelings of teenage obsession. Or you’re attracted to sparkly vampires or jail bait werewolves. Or you’ve always wanted to read a book that makes you cringe…hmmm I guess these are starting to sound like reasons to not read these books…oh well.

    But, honestly I’m not entering to win these, I really think my other books would push them off the little space that is left on my shelves, maybe even tear some pages out.

  2. Because you’ve always wanted to read through five agonizingly dull high school classroom scenes only to finally reach the epic end battle between two blood-thirsty vampires…which gets skipped entirely. Recycle the books. Maybe they’ll be made into toilet paper.

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