So far in my life, Canadian TV production has not disappointed me. As a teenager I was a fan of Degrassi Junior High, and in the last few years I fell in love with Being Erica, a show about a woman who sees a “therapist” to deal with her life regrets. (You can watch both shows on Hulu, though only up to season three for Being Erica.)

My latest Canadian obsession, which sadly ended much too quickly as there are only six episodes in the season with no word on a second season, is The Yard.

The Yard follows the everyday happenings of childrens’ life in a schoolyard in mockumentary fashion. Though it’s been promoted as The Sopranos of the schoolyard set–I’m not sure I agree– it’s much more than mob-like. It’s a schoolyard mimicking life and taking on government, business–free market, black market–gender roles, and so much more.

It does all this through the mouth of babes, who, in my opinion use profanity a bit too freely–and this from a person who’s known to cuss regularly–but who seem real. They’re not the precocious kids uttering words and phrases you’d never hear a real child say. These kids seem real. They, like real children, are funny in their wisdom, and their innocence makes them likable. Just check out Episode 2, Girls vs. Boys, and tell me you didn’t smile at the end as you remembered when you were in that situation.\


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