Alzheimer’s has and continues to play a big role in my life. My father is currently in mid-stage and my grandmother, his mother, passed away from related causes. For that reason and because we’re Latino, the chances of my siblings and I being diagnosed with the disease someday are higher (read info here), so I’ve decided to fight the good fight as best I can.Along with trying to keep myself healthy, mentally and otherwise, I want to raise money for research, something I’ve wanted to do for a few years.

This is the year.

My life is more organized and I’m on time to form the team, Forget Me Not, for the September 9, Walk to End Alzheimer’s- Chicago.

Consider joining or donating by visiting our Forget Me Not team page.

To learn more about how Alzheimer’s has affected my family, click on the links below and please share your stories with me:

Juan Luis Guerra sings the theme to all my days

Isn’t it ironic

Father’s Day card, blank inside?

Get lost

The reality of it is…


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