I used to say that there wasn’t a moment of my life that I’d do over. Regrets were not my thing. To me, even the moments of wrong decisions were simply lessons learned. But life has a way of changing your perspective. When you get to your 40s you realize that some possibly not-so-positive emotions may have gotten in the way of a different life outcome, or at the very least an experience you may have enjoyed. 

As I reflected on this and began to really think about the missed opportunities due to my choices in high school—summer program at Harvard, prom, graduation—I realized that in retrospect there were two things I would have done differently.

I would care less…

  • about being cool
  • about the zit on my chin and uncontrollably frizzy hair
  • about impressing boys
  • about hanging out with my friends
  • about fun after school
  • about my picture in the year book
I would care more…
  • about being involved
  • about my grades
  • about impressing myself
  • about walking across the stage at graduation with my friends
  • about life after school
  • about my achievements listed in the year book
Yes, just two things: cared less and cared more. If I were to do it all over again, I would put more thought on what was important. I would look past the things and the people in front of me to see the potential my future held for me. I would put my dreams front and center and not allow life to fool me into thinking they were too far out of my reach.
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