Hey y’all!

I don’t write much these days. Those moments when I would open my laptop and pour out words that formed themselves in stream of consciousness onto a keyboard, feel all but gone.

blogging 10 years
Me on a laptop, not blogging, but still…

On occasion I remember that I have a blog and I visit the stats where I see that the days of writing about growing out my gray hair keep visitors coming by. I appreciate it and am thankful for that connection to so many people who, like me at the time, want to find people who can relate to the struggle that gray hair can be.

But mostly, I limit the visits because I just end up feeling like a big ol’ slacker who can’t write much more than 140 characters about any given subject.

The advice from my writer/creative friends is typically, “The only way to do it is to do it.”

I know they’re write, I mean right, but something forced my brain to click the off button and I haven’t been able to find the switch to write anything worth reading, probably because I haven’t really been doing anything worth writing about.

But today, as I made my weekly-ish visit to the blog, I began to click through old posts, seeing if there was anything in the archives worth posting on my Facebook page for #FlashBackFriday and there it was, a post about my 8th year blogiversary, written two years ago, which means that as of this spring, my blog is a decade old. (Read here for a similar surprised response to finding out I’d been blogging for 8 years since I’m obviously terrible at remembering this stuff)

A decade? 10 Years? How do I celebrate? I don’t work with brands, so I don’t have anything to give away besides the words on this page, which having stopped typing this sentence to review what I’d written so far, now seem more depressing than celebratory. My bad! I still have the Twilight books if anyone’s interested and will happily give them away as a token of my appreciation and because they’re Twilight books.

But I digress!

It’s my 10 year blogiversary and though I’m a slacker, it’s kind of a cool thing that something I titled Moments in My Head a decade ago lives on.

Is 10 years in blogging years like middle age in human years?

For the sake of my plan, I’m gonna say yes and chalk up the last few years to a mid-life crisis, during which my writing needed time to find itself, though without the affair and douchebag sports car.

Now it’s time to recommit and take what we’ve learned about ourselves and put it into words.

Here’s to another 10 years!


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