As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been re-reading old blog posts, reminiscing, trying to inspire myself to write regularly again. Tonight I came across a post about a bucket list, and wondered why I never shared the video of me singing with accompaniment, we’re gonna call it a band, in a San Francisco bar almost two years ago.

Me singing the same song for karaoke at a bar while visiting family in my birth town of Rochester, NY.

Black Velvet is my go-to song, by the way, and the voice you hear is of Dr. Marilu Sanchez, one of my best friends, who has probably heard me sing it a million times before.

Love her!

As I create a blog plan, one of the things I want to do again, is write about the women in my life whom I admire (you can read about two others here and here) and she’s on my list of admirable woman.

Until then, here I am, singing Black Velvet… Be kind!


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