The end of my 2017 involved a lot of doctor visits. First because I couldn’t move my shoulder without feeling excruciating pain, and then a few weeks later because of a headache so severe, I couldn’t move my head.

As I sat answering the doctor’s question about the last time I’d had (insert name of test I should have annually here) and responded with either an “I don’t remember” or “Years ago, I think” I realized that I do a horrible job of taking care of myself. I spent so much of 2017 talking a good game about self care Sundays via my More than Latina social media platforms, but outside of hot baths and facials, I didn’t really care for myself at all.

I was going to list my many transgressions, but I know what they were, that’s all that matters.

Instead I’ll focus on the things I did accomplish:

  • I paid off long-standing bills and improved my finances.
  • I read 15 books (I read 1 in 2016)
  • I am 66% fluent in Italian.
  • I went on a real vacation.

Though I initially thought 2017 was a wash, I didn’t do too bad.

How did you do?

Here’s to a successful 2018!



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