In this new year, new decade, in lieu of big proclamations about the things that I want to accomplish, I decided to do what many are doing now, and chose a word that encompasses what I envision.

The word is move and it is meant both figuratively and literally. This year, whether I”m tired, lazy, scared, or whatever, I need to move. In a way, it’s a one word version of what I was really thinking, “Do the thing.” So we’ll go with it. Move also means start writing again, so the details of “the thing” will be fleshed out in the months to come.

Much like 2018, 2019 was filled with health issues and the doctor appointments, lab tests, and physical therapy they required. For reference, I had a CAT Scan and two MRIs in the span of two months, and am currently on week two of my second bout of bronchitis, in six months. But here I sit with my fresh-squeezed OJ, my B12, and my CBD ready to continue fighting for my health. I’ve also reached out to a mental health therapist to keep me sane and work out some issues while my physical body continues to heal.

2019 wasn’t all my health problems

2019 was the year I got my finances in control.

It was the year I joined a kickboxing studio.

It was the year my four siblings and I were all together for the very first time in the making.

Most importantly, it was the year that I decided to be good to myself by only accepting reciprocal relationships in my life. I’m only putting in the level of effort I’m receiving.

2009 was all about change

I left a comfortable job in late 2009 and moved to Puerto Rico for a year. Puerto Rico was the place where I started to really take this blog and writing seriously, and it changed my life in ways I hadn’t even imagined. I gained my writing voice, and then near the end of the decade, misplaced it, or grew tired of figuring out how to best use it. I’m not even sure what happened. From what I can tell from my writer friends, it happens to the best of us.

So a new year, a new decade. I will search for my voice again, though I may lose it again along the way. But that’s life. We’re always on a search for ourselves, our best selves. All we can do is keep moving and do the thing we’re meant to do.



4 thoughts on “Move: Do the thing

  1. Welcome back! Great to hear that you are back to writing. I love your 2020 word MOVE! I am totally hearing you say, “Move, Get that thing!!!”

  2. Good to hear from your posts again, feel the same way here. While your theme is “Move” mine is “Change”. Get healthy, be mindful, and be at peace.

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