Life lessons with a Salsa beat [video]

Camilo Sesto and Roberto Carlos, both balladeers that were as much a part of my childhood as my Wonder Woman doll. My Puerto Rican parents preferred ballads over Salsa and Merengue, and those songs defined my early years. In fact, Roberto Carlos' Yo Quiero Apenas was somehow to me the Spanish version of Coke's I'd like … Continue reading Life lessons with a Salsa beat


Reinvention: A celebration of life

I've always loved birthdays. My early childhood memories are filled with big parties full of family and friends; beautiful birthday cakes, a pretty new dress, and the gifts, of course the gifts. As I got older, I carried with me the belief that birthdays were a time to laugh, have fun, and to celebrate life. … Continue reading Reinvention: A celebration of life

If you’ve never failed, you’ve never lived… [video]

An interesting note about life: even when you know something wasn't right for you, it's difficult to accept it didn't work out if it let you go instead of the other way around. I've had many such moments in the last few years, most recently last week. As I think about the latest installment of … Continue reading If you’ve never failed, you’ve never lived…

It’s a wrap!

I am a freak about sending Christmas cards. Every year I send over 50 cards to people I don't keep in touch with on a regular basis, but that I still want to know about, even if only once a year. This year I won't get to send one card. I am broke and when … Continue reading It’s a wrap!

Me and the emperor

When things are going wrong it's easy to get muddled in the thick of negativity. I know that lately that has been my story. My normal happy-go-lucky self has been more of a cynic-at-a-pity-party self and I've discovered something: No one knows how to act or what to say. I liken it to the Emperor's … Continue reading Me and the emperor

Everyone has a story

I walked into the library this morning to a barrage of questions from the homeless-looking guy who is always here. Funny how prior to today I assumed he was homeless just because of how he looks, but today I see him wondering around with headphones and a portable CD player  It's no iPod, but it … Continue reading Everyone has a story