The 3 Cs of 2023

I broke my New Year’s Eve tradition, and maybe that’s okay. For the last five years, I have established a tradition for ringing in the new year. I start by disconnecting from social media for most of the day. I clean my house, and when it’s time to relax, I do a combination of reading … Continue reading The 3 Cs of 2023


Single in the time of COVID-19: Broken hearts & Memories

I've felt every feeling imaginable, then I've fallen asleep in exhaustion. But now I'm up and just don't know what to do with myself. So I'll try to write, because it's how I cope.

Single in the time of COVID-19: A series- maybe

So I keep trying. I want to be one of the people making the best of it. Currently, I'm not the person cooking fun meals, or taking this time to get my fitness on, or writing the next great novel. I'm the person who is mentally paralyzed.

A cat, some clouds, and the importance of today

Before starting therapy I read/listed to the book Maybe You Should Talk to Someone, which I highly recommend if therapy is something you’re considering. See my short review below:

Move: Do the thing

In this new year, new decade, in lieu of big proclamations about the things that I want to accomplish, I decided to do what many are doing now, and chose a word that encompasses what I envision. The word is move and it is meant both figuratively and literally. This year, whether I"m tired, lazy, … Continue reading Move: Do the thing

2018: I wish it could have worked out between us

I can't believe that my last post was almost a year ago. But it makes sense that a year disappeared from my blog, since it also sort of disappeared from my life. I'm ready for that clock to strike midnight, so to all the "new year, new me" naysayers posting on social media... I say... … Continue reading 2018: I wish it could have worked out between us