I am lost, left wandering in this unfamiliar place wondering if I will ever fit in. But must I fit in if I am made to be me, to stand out? This indecision, this confusion they are overwhelming me; attacking my soul, taking over my spirit, creating a me I don't want to be. The … Continue reading Confusion


Just Another Moment of Randomosity

Another week over another weekend arrived mostly meaningless to me as my days are not defined by a work week they come and go in a routine of nothing and everything as I attempt to find its purpose though each day it seems to find me this week in particular was filled with more something … Continue reading Just Another Moment of Randomosity

Just Another Moment of Randomosity

I have so many thoughts in my head and I cannot focus on just one subject to write about and I am frustrated that I sit and I begin what could be a profound blog but somewhere in the middle I stop and I sit and I stare out in front of me as inevitably … Continue reading Just Another Moment of Randomosity


There are moments when the sunny warm weather, the tropical beauty, and the sound of the coquis at night do not make up for the comforts of, well, comfort.   In those moments the path of endless possibilities that once brought so much excitement becomes instead a fear-inducing trail of darkness where I can't see what's … Continue reading Today

FAME! I’m gonna live forever…

When I was young I dreamed of being famous. I watched TV and yearned for the adulation that I would have once I became one of the special people. Finally, my dream has come true... My Dad thinks I'm a Princess. My Mom thinks I'm a Genius. My Sisters think I'm a Fashionista. My Nieces … Continue reading FAME! I’m gonna live forever…

Soul Music

It begins as just another sound but soon I recognize the different instruments blending together in harmonies and melodies, creating an undeniable rhythm. My head begins to bop; up and down, left and right.  My toes begin to tap as I feel the vibrations run throughmy body. They come together in a bolt of electricity … Continue reading Soul Music